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Many people don’t’ understand the benefits of health insurance or what a health insurance policy can provide for them. Most importantly, health insurance is there to protect your health.  It allows you access to medical and emergency care that you might not be able to afford if you didn’t have insurance.

One concern that many people have is that they cannot afford health insurance. There are a large variety of health insurance plans available to consumers today. You need to evaluate your family's coverage needs. Do you want a plan that offers a copay for doctors’ visits? Do you want a plan that covers emergency care? How high of a deductible would you like? How much can you afford to pay each month for your premium?

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Health Insurance 101

Benefit Package: A description of the services and other medical care that is covered by a health insurance plan.

Certificate of Coverage:  A document that describes the benefits, limitations and exclusions of coverage provided by a health insurance company.

Copay: A specific charge that your health insurance policy may require that you pay for a certain medical service.  For example, you may be required to pay a $30 copay to visit your physician when you are sick.

Deductible:  A set dollar amount that you may be required to pay out of pocket before your health insurance company begins to make payments for claims.

Effective Date: The date on which your health insurance coverage comes in to effect.

Medicare: A national, federally-administered health insurance program that covers the cost of medical care, hospitalization, and other related medical services for most people that are 65 and older.

Member: Anyone covered under a health insurance plan. This could be the enrollee or other eligible dependent.

Preventive Care: Medical care that is not for a specific illness or injury but focused on prevention and early-detection of disease. Routine checkups and vaccinations would fall in to this category.